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L'innovation en Radars et Télécommunications

Société d'Applications Radar et Télécommunication

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SART proposes consulting services in the Radar and Telecom fields.

Our Experts are confirmed Engineers, internationally recognised, and their competence fields will fit your needs at best.

Taking into account their profile diversities, SART ambitions being able to provide High Quality service in a broad spectrum of Radar and Telecom Technics, including Fixed and Mobile.

Introduction of SART


  • Innovative projects, based or not on proprietary Patents,

  • Assistance and expertise on Projects of the Domains hereafter,

  • Expertise,

  • General studies,

  • Marketing support and competitive survey.

Domains  :

  • Radars, Telecoms,

  • Airborne, space, surface,

  • Technologies related to ESAs, AESAs,

  • Training, knowledge transferts,

  • Participation to Think Tanks, " Red Teams", solution search, needs analysis...

Technical Committee

Technical Committees can be constituted with Recognised Experts (from French MoD, THALES, Universities, ONERA…) on specific Customer demand.