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Gérant  (Mgr)  Mr. Claude Chekroun

Our Company was created in May 2006 by former   THALES AIRBORNE SYSTEMS (TAS) Expert Engineers with their previous Company's support.

They have the ambition to get advantage of a huge capital of knowledge and patents so as to propose services for design, realisation and finalisation of equipment,  for Antenna, Propagation and related domains in the Radar and Telecom fields.

An important part of our activity is related to patents presently owned privately with or by THALES.

Consulting and Engineering Support is also part of our activities : participation to or leadership of Think Tanks, Red Teams, result analysis, methodology ...

The following thematics can also be supported :

  • RF Component Technologies : AsGa, GaN, MEMS

  • Packaging Technologies: LTCC/HTCC, HTMD...

  • Software : modelling, FE…

  • Computed Aided Design : CAO, CAD

  • Preliminary Studies

  • Cooperative Studies : Euclid, …

  • Competition Survey : USA, Israël, UK, Sweden...

Our consultants are confirmed, widely renowned, Engineers, with a field of competence always fitted at best to your need. Their native language is French, but efficiently intervening in English is possible for many of them.

Their permanent contacts with operational people are your guarantee for up-to-date information.


Société d'Applications Radar et Télécommunication


L'innovation en Radars et Télécommunications

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